How to view and monitor your call, text, and voicemail logs

You can view and download various types of data related to your AI phone receptionist. This includes call logs, text logs, and voicemail logs.

1. 📞 Call Logs:

The Call Logs section shows you transcripts, dates, and phone numbers for all calls that your AI receptionist has answered. To access it, click Call Logs in the left panel of your dashboard.

  • Time Zone: Displays the time zone set for your call logs. In this example, it's set to "America/Los_Angeles."
  • Start Date and End Date: Specify the date range you want to review for your call logs. Enter the start and end dates as needed.
  • Download Minutes: Allows you to download a more comprehensive report of all your call logs. This may take a while to fully download.
  • Download Logs: Obtain a different type of report of your call, text, and voicemail logs.
  • Refresh Logs: Click to update and view the latest call data live.

2. 📱 Text Logs:

In the Text Logs section, keep track of your text communications seamlessly. You will see all text messages that the AI receptionist has sent.


Texting Platform
You can ALSO keep track of text conversations in the texting platform. While the text logs section shows you a table of texts the AI receptionist has sent, the texting platform allows you to continue to text the user. To access the texting platform, click "Texting Platform" in the left sidebar.

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 5.56.57 PM.png

3. 🔉 Voicemail Logs:

In the Voicemail Logs section, manage and review your voicemail messages effortlessly. Here's a breakdown:

Voicemails show up anytime a caller tells the AI they would like to leave a message or voicemail.

There you go! Now you can navigate your log data like a pro!