How to create custom time rules on your AI phone Receptionist

You may want to automatically forward calls to a separate number during certain times. You can set these rules in the Time Controls section of the receptionist.

Step 1: Visit Advanced Features

Click On “🤖Advanced Features” then look for ⏰ Time Controls.

Step 2: Select Times

Select the following information:

1. Your Time Zone.

2. Time slots in which You'd Like the AI Receptionist to auto-transfer calls

3. Forwarding numbers for each time slot

Please note, you must enter a full form phone number to transfer the call. If you would like to transfer calls to an extension in your PBX, please grab a Direct Inward Dialing number from your phone provider. This will allow you to find a standalone number that connects directly to the extension you want.

That's it! Anytime someone calls your AI Receptionist during one of these predefined times, the AI will automatically transfer the call to the specified number.