How to edit your AI Phone Receptionist

You can edit your receptionist anytime, even if it is already live.

In this blog, we'll walk through the process of making adjustments to receptionist settings. You can do this directly from the dashboard.

1. Locate the Edit Receptionist Section:
        On Left Menu Bar, Click on “✏️Edit Receptionist”

2. Here are the properties that you can edit:

  • Business Name
    The name of your business
  • Greeting Phrase

    This is the opening line your receptionist will use when answering the phone.
  • AI Prompt
    A prompt for your AI receptionist. Generally, this default prompt is fine for most use cases. In simple terms, an AI prompt is a set of instructions or a message that guides your AI receptionist's response during interactions.

    You can use this prompt to provide your AI with any special instructions. You can tell the AI to be polite, explain any alternative pronunciations, and more.

  • Select Languages (Beta)
    This will allow your receptionist to be bilingual. If you select more than one language, the receptionist will ask the caller to select a language at the start of the call.

    It will say something like "press one for English, press two for Spanish".
  • Knowledge Base (Business Information)
    Tell the AI about your business. Please input detailed information about your business such as its history, mission, and services. Don't worry about formatting. The AI can effectively interpret it and build a knowledge base around it. Maximum 20 pages of text.

  • (Optional) Sample Q&A for the Bot
    Provide a few example questions and answers for common questions. No need to write out every possible question and answer, this is just to guide the AI. Maximum 5 pages of text!

  • Texting Workflows (Optional)
    This feature allows you to send personalized text messages to callers while the receptionist is on a call with them. For instance, if someone mentions they want to book an appointment, the AI can instantly send them a text with a link to schedule the appointment.

    Just define a scenario and type out the text message you'd like the receptionist to send when that scenario is triggered. It's that easy!

    Use this feature to send booking links, menus, and more during the call.


Example Use Cases for Texting Workflows:

1. Menu and Pricing Requests:

  • Caller: "Can you share the menu?"
  • AI Response: Sends a digital copy of the menu directly to the caller's phone.

2. Appointment Confirmations and Reminders:

  • Caller: "Can you remind me of my appointment details?"
  • AI Response: Sends a reminder text with appointment details and time.

3. Event Information:

  • Caller: "Tell me more about the upcoming event."
  • AI Response: Sends detailed event information, schedule, and location.

4. Location and Contact Information:

  • Caller: "Where are you located?"
  • AI Response: Sends a text with the business address and contact details.

5. Service-Specific Information:

  • Caller: "What services do you offer?"
  • AI Response: Sends a customized list of services offered by your business.


  • Intake Form Workflows
    Your AI receptionist can ask your callers predefined questions before or during a call. You can use this to qualify leads with AI. Add as many intake forms as you like.

You can also set up the intake form to ask questions during a call. For this, just set up a scenario and some questions. Here is an example:

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 11.07.21 AM.png

  • Call Transferring Workflows (Optional)
    This feature allows you to transfer calls intelligently based on what the caller says. For example, you can program your receptionist to transfer the call to the billing department anytime the caller asks for a refund or receipt.

    Similar to last time, define a scenario and a transferring number. Whenever the scenario is triggered, the call will be transferred.


Various Use Cases for Call Transferring Workflows:

1. Billing and Refunds:

  • Caller: "I'd like to inquire about a refund."
  • AI Decision: Transfers the call to the billing department for prompt assistance.

2. Technical Support:

  • Caller: "I'm having issues with my account."
  • AI Decision: Routes the call directly to the technical support team for specialized assistance.

3. Sales Inquiries:

  • Caller: "Tell me more about your products."
  • AI Decision: Transfers the call to the sales department for detailed product information and assistance.

4. Department-specific Inquiries:

  • Caller: "Can I speak to someone from the HR department?"
  • AI Decision: Routes the call to the HR department based on the caller's request.


  • Email Notifications (Optional)
  • To enable real-time email notifications, click "🔔 Notifications" in the left sidebar.

You can setup various kinds of notifications for your AI phone receptionist to handle.

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 11.08.43 AM.png

Bonus Section: Advanced Features

Let's talk about the “🤖Advanced Features” that take your receptionist automation to the next level!

1. 🛑 Temporary Disable

Temporarily disable your receptionist by either setting a default hangup message or specifying a number to automatically forward calls to.

  • Forward all incoming calls to another number.

In this feature, Enter forwarding number. Clicking "save" will cause your receptionist to begin immediately forwarding calls to this number.

  • Say a custom message and automatically hang Up.

2. ⏰ Time Controls

Click On “🤖Advanced Features” then look for ⏰ Time Controls.


  1. Your Time Zone.
  2. Specific times to transfer calls to
  3. To whom you would like to transfer the calls to

3. 🗣️ Adjust Chattiness

Using a slider you can adjust the maximum response length of your AI receptionist.

4. 🔢 Extension Digits

You can set up extension codes that your AI Receptionist can handle to reroute the caller. i.e. "press 3 for billing department".

The caller can dial an extension to transfer the call. They can either dial the extension after the original greeting phrase, or they can ask the AI to dial an extension anytime. Make sure to use the format +1XXXXXXXXXX for the phone number.

With Extension Digits, you can assign extension codes like press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support, 3 for Billing, and so on.

Congratulations! You've successfully edited your AI Phone Receptionist.