How to Temporarily Disable Your Receptionist

Let's explore How to Temporarily Disable Your AI Phone Receptionist.

1. Locate the "Temporary Disable" Option

After logging into your MY Ai Front Desk dashboard, head over to “🤖Advanced Features”. There, you'll find the "Temporary Disable" option.

2. Choose Your Break Mode

Temporarily disable your receptionist by either setting a default hangup message or specifying a number to automatically forward calls to. We offer you three different options to select from.

1. Forward all incoming calls to another number.

In this case, enter a forwarding number. Clicking "save" will cause your receptionist to begin immediately forwarding calls to the number you enter.

2. Say a custom message and automatically hang up.

This is a useful feature for when your business is facing too much demand and you would like to auto-hangup on callers.

Re-Enabling Your Receptionist

You can easily re-enable your receptionist anytime. This will clear your current disabled settings.

3. Save Your Preferences

Don't forget to hit that "Save" button. This ensures your receptionist follows the new instructions promptly.

That's it!