How to test your AI Phone Receptionist

This article assumes you have already created an AI Phone Receptionist for free. If you haven't done this already, please click here to learn how.

It's Free to Test and Explore!

1. Visit your dashboard.

Go to your dashboard and Left Menu Bar, Click on “📲Test it out!”. You should see the following three steps.

2. Give your AI Receptionist a Call

⚠️ Important! You must have the phone number you originally signed up with to test this receptionist. If you do not have this number with you, you can move your account by clicking the blue "click here" link.

Call your AI Receptionist from the number you signed up with. Test it for free as many times as you want.

As you test your receptionist, feel free to tweak it! You can edit your receptionist by clicking 'Edit Receptionist' in the left panel. You can view all your call, text, and voicemail logs in the side panel as you continue calling as well.

Not able to reach your receptionist?

Make sure you are calling the receptionist from the number you originally signed up with. If you still cannot connect to the receptionist, please email

3. Start Free Trial

Once you are satisfied with a Receptionist Functionality, you can start a free trial. Once you do this, you will have the opportunity reserve your own phone number and begin using the receptionist live!

Congratulations! You've successfully tested your AI Phone Receptionist. Feel free to explore more features within the dashboard and optimize the settings to enhance the receptionist's performance for your business.