How to turn on notifications for My AI Front Desk

You can receive real-time call, text, and voicemail notifications via email. Notifications consist of call transcripts, text data, and timestamps—sent right to your inbox.

Here's how to set it up.

Step 1: Accessing Email Notification Settings

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 7.05.40 PM.png

Step 2: Configure Notification Preferences

In the Email Notification Settings, you will find several options related to call notifications. Let's break them down:

Receive Voicemail Notifications:

  • Toggle this option to enable or disable voicemail notifications via email. You will receive an email anytime someone asks the AI to "leave a message" or "leave a voicemail".

Receive Text Notifications:

  • Choose whether you want to receive email notifications anytime your AI receptionist sends out a text message to a caller.

Receive New Call Notifications:

  • Enable or disable notifications for incoming calls. This feature ensures that you are promptly informed of any new calls.

Notification Recipient Email:

  • Enter the email address where you want to receive these notifications. Make sure it's a valid and accessible email account.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Ensure that the Notification Recipient Email is correctly entered.
  • Check your email account's spam folder if notifications are not appearing in your inbox.
  • Verify that your device has a stable internet connection for real-time notifications.

That's it! You've learned how to easily set up real-time notifications with your AI phone receptionist.