How to use Call Transferring Workflows to transfer calls with My AI Front Desk

You can program your receptionist to transfer calls intelligently based on what the caller says. For example, you can program your receptionist to transfer the call to the billing department anytime the caller asks for a refund or receipt.

It's very simple. Just define a scenario and a transferring number. Whenever the scenario is triggered, the call will be transferred.

How to Set Up Call Transferring Workflows:

  1. Access your My AI Front Desk Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the "Left Menu Bar" Click on “✏️Edit Receptionist” option.
  3. Scroll Down to Locate the "Call Transferring Workflows" option.
  4. Specify the keywords or criteria that prompt call transfers.
  5. Save your Call Transferring Workflow settings.

Please note, you must enter a full form phone number to transfer the call. If you would like to transfer calls to an extension in your PBX, please grab a Direct Inward Dialing number from your phone provider. This will allow you to find a standalone number that connects directly to the extension you want.

Example Use Cases for Call Transferring Workflows

Other ways to Forward Calls with My AI Front Desk

1. Extension Digits Builder

Did you know, you can also set up extensions that will trigger a call forward? To do so, visit "Advanced Settings" and click on "🔢 Extension Digits Builder".

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 6.22.41 PM.png

2. Temporary Disable

Also in advanced settings, you can temporarily disable your receptionist in a way that always automatically forwards calls to another number.

3. Time Controls

Also in advanced settings, you can set up specific times when you would want your AI receptionist to automatically forward calls to another number.

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 6.42.18 PM.png

That's it! In this tutorial, you learned how to transfer calls using workflows. You also got a sneak of other ways to forward calls.