Integrating My AI Front Desk with your Google Voice phone number

Are you looking to forward calls from your Google Voice number to My AI Front Desk's AI Phone Receptionist?



1. If you haven't already, build and test your AI receptionist. It should take five minutes.

2. If you haven't already, get a standalone number from My AI Front Desk. This should take one minute.


Integrating with Google Voice

       1. Open your Google Voice app on your phone

        2. Navigate to your “Settings”

        3. Under “Account”, select “Devices and Numbers”

        4. Under “Linked Numbers”, select “New Linked Number”

        5. In the text box, input your standalone number and select verify by phone


After this, it will ask you for a verification code. To find it, do the following:

  1. Log in to your My AI Front Desk dashboard here
  2. Visit your call logs
  3. Click refresh
  4. Look for a transcribed call that looks like this:


The code should be six digits. In this case, the transcription mistook the last 4 as the word four, so be cautious of that. 


Enter this six digit code into your Google Voice app.


Finally, complete these quick steps. This will allow your receptionist to answer the phone anytime your Google Voice number is called:

  1. Open your Google Voice app
  2. Navigate to your “Settings”
  3. Under “Calls”, toggle “Call Screening” off
  4. Call your Google Voice number to check that your agent can answer