How to Build and Test your AI Receptionist for Free

Looking to create and test an AI Phone Receptionist for free?

My AI Front Desk is an AI phone receptionist for small business owners. The AI receptionist can pick up the phone, schedule appointments, and answer questions after business hours.

Excited to have you on board. Creating your AI Receptionist takes <10 minutes. By the end of this process, you will be able to test call your receptionist for free.

  1. Visit the Registration Page:

  1. Choose Business Type

  1. Language Selection:
    Choose the preferred language for your callers. If you select multiple languages, the AI will ask the caller to pick one at the beginning of the call.

Choose from a variety of languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin
  • Arabic
  • Russian
  • Hindi
  • Dutch

  1. Add Business Name:

  1. Add Greeting Phrase:
    This is the opening line your receptionist will use when answering the phone. Shorter greeting phrases do better.

    For example, you can add the Phrase, “Hi, welcome to John's Barbershop. We're currently doing a 10% off summer sale. I can help you book an appointment or answer any questions you may have. How may I help you?”

    If you're in a rush and just testing it out, you can click "Autofill with Template" to create a default barbershop receptionist.

  1. Add Business Information:

    Your receptionist will form a knowledge base around any information you add here. Your receptionist will be customized based on what you teach it about your business. You can paste 20 pages of information into your receptionist

    For example, you can enter information about your business services, prices, and mission. Don't worry about formatting. The AI is smart enough to effectively interpret. Maximum 20 pages of text.

    Note, you can always skip this step by clicking "I'll do this later".

  1. Link Texting:
    This feature allows you to send personalized text messages to callers while the receptionist is on a call with them. For instance, if someone mentions they want to book an appointment, the AI can instantly send them a text with a link to schedule the appointment.

Just define a scenario and type out the text message you'd like the receptionist to send when that scenario is triggered. It's that easy! Use this feature to send booking links, menus, and more during the call.

Note, you can always skip this step by clicking "I'll do this later".

  1. Call Transferring

    This feature allows you to transfer calls intelligently based on what the caller says. For example, you can program your receptionist to transfer the call to the billing department anytime the caller asks for a refund or receipt.

    Similar to last time, define a scenario and a transferring number. Whenever the scenario is triggered, the call will be transferred.

  1. Final information

    Almost done! Enter your email address, phone number, and password.

Ready to get started? Register now to build your receptionist today.